‘A Very Well Laid-Out … Conspiracy Charge’: Kash Patel Says Sussmann Links Clinton, Fusion GPS And DOJ

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Justice Department Chief of Staff Kash Patel said Monday that he believed Attorney Michael Sussmann linked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Fusion GPS and the DOJ.

Patel, who served as the lead investigator for Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes during the Russia investigation, told Fox News anchor Dana Perino that he believed Special Counsel John Durham’s move to indict Sussmann showed that he was putting the pieces together for something bigger. (RELATED: ‘Adam Schiff Took The Bait’: Top Russiagate Investigator Explains GOP Strategy Behind The ‘Nunes Memo’)


Noting that he was “intimately familiar” with the investigation, Patel said, “Sussman is the centerpiece for these allegations because he ties the Hillary Clinton campaign to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele to the Department of Justice and the false information they fed to the FBI and DOJ to spy on the presidential campaign.”

“It’s exactly the heart of the matter being a former federal prosecutor,” Patel continued. “It’s a 27-page indictment for a lying count that you normally have about five pages to discuss. It is a very well laid-out, what I think is a conspiracy charge coming that outlines other figures involved that I just mentioned.”

Durham charged Sussmann Thursday with making a false statement to the FBI, alleging that he failed to disclose the fact that he was working for multiple clients.