‘Out Of Touch With Reality’: Meghan McCain Blows Up On Biden, ‘This White House,’ The Media

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Netflix

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain blew up on President Joe Biden, “this White House” and “the media” calling them “out of touch with reality” over the “current state of America.”

“Eight months since President Biden was sworn into office, the anticipation of a tone change and ‘return to normalcy’ has utterly disappeared,” McCain wrote in her first column for the Daily Mail in a piece published Tuesday. (RELATED: ‘Dragged’: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Every Single Person In Biden Administration’ Over Fall Of Kabul)

“The man I once considered a friend and confidante has morphed into a feckless and unreliable leader I no longer recognize,” she added. “He gives all the signs of stubborn cantankerous naiveté, surrounded by idiotic sycophants anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes around politics should easily recognize as the worst type of corrupt bureaucrats.”

“Biden’s policies have broken with his rhetoric of unity to create more division and distrust,” the former co-host of “The View” continued. “Inflation has exploded. Americans are paying more at the pump and the grocery and soon for their kids’ holiday toys. The schools are supposed to be reopened, but in-person learning is inconsistent and can be pulled away with the speed of a positive test.” (RELATED: ‘I’m Just Going To Rip The Band-Aid Off’: Meghan McCain Announces She’s Leaving ‘The View’)

The former Fox News host said the “government mandates are testing the limits of executive power.” She also pointed out the “discrepancy” Americans are seeing when they turn on the TV and hear “Dr. Anthony Fauci and his fellow government spokesmen” talk about “limiting our lives, restricting our travel, mandating masks, requiring boosters and vaccine card checks just to go to a restaurant.”

However, hours later people see stadiums filled with “tens of thousands of unmasked football fans cheering together for hours,” the same ones who the “media looks down on” and “Biden and his White House sycophants blame for continued COVID case numbers, despite no proof whatsoever that they are the source of continued illness,” she continued.

“The bureaucracy, the media, and this White House are out of touch with reality,” McCain wrote. “They don’t have a plan. They don’t know what to do. They’re trying to throw money at the problems, but deep down, they know this won’t solve anything.”

McCain closed out her column by stating Biden is “on the path” to be worse than [former President] Jimmy Carter, who was described as promising “a government as good as the people” and “ended his term by saying the people were no good.”

“The American people are good,” she added. “I believe in them. And I believe they deserve a better class of leader.”