Tim Kennedy Weighs In On The Delta Force Vs. Seal Team Six Debate

Tim Kennedy (Credit: Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tim Kennedy has no doubt in his mind that Delta Force is more elite than Seal Team 6.

The Green Beret sniper appeared on “The David Hookstead Show,” and I couldn’t let him leave without asking my favorite question for special forces guys.

Is Seal Team Six or Delta Force more elite? Without much hesitation, Kennedy gave an answer for the ages, and I’m not sure the SEALs are going to be very happy!

Give it a watch below!

I seriously love embracing the Delta Force vs. SEAL Team Six debate. I can’t get enough of it. Mostly, I can’t get enough of it because I think most honest people agree it’s Delta Force, and it’s not really close.

I’ve asked military leaders, government officials and military history buffs the same question I asked Kennedy, and I’d say about 80% say Delta Force without even having to think about it.

True story, I once debated this topic for three hours in a bar with a young woman. I literally talk about it all the time, and Kennedy is uniquely qualified given his military history to offer an opinion.

Now, I need to bring on a Navy SEAL in the near future to fire back. Embrace debate!