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Tips From CEO Shonda Martin About Having a Good Credit Score

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Becoming the CEO of a company in the financial sector is no easy task. People can often spend years and years getting used to the financial market and start building their portfolios.

For women, like in most industries, these things are part of the journey; the other part is how they have to make their way into a male-dominated industry. Shonda Martin is someone who came into the financial business with the sole aim of helping people – and she has done just that. To top it off, Shonda has also been able to start her own credit education company.

With the aim of helping people, she built herself from the ground up. Shonda is a highly successful entrepreneur who was able to get through the tough times in life and build herself up. After which, instead of letting the greed of the world get to her, Shonda was able to give everyone else a chance by teaching them about the importance of credit scores.

Shonda is the founder and CEO of Road To 750 LLC, a credit education company specializing in teaching and coaching millennials the importance of first obtaining and then maintaining a good credit score. Shonda has not only been successful in life with regards to her own business but also in her aim of helping people. She has successfully been able to help over 300,000 people to improve their credit scores or educate them regarding financial awareness.

Shonda’s career has been host to numerous successful milestones. She has worked with Experian, Smart Credit, and many other financial institutions to spread education awareness all around the globe. Furthermore, Shonda has been of help and influence to more than 300,000 people with their own credit scores. This has resulted in more than 10,000 new homes closed, 6,000 new cars bought or refinanced, and over $5 million of credit limits. She has outdone herself over and over again.

However, Shonda and her breakthroughs don’t quite end there; she has gathered up an incredible number of fans and followers on social media. Shonda currently boasts over 600,000 followers on Tik Tok (@ShondaMartin_), over 60,000 followers on Instagram. She has also built and grown one of the largest financial education groups on Facebook, with over 350,000 members. Overall, Shonda has been rated an incredibly impressive 5 stars for her 4 years in business.

None of these successes, however, have come easy to Shonda. She mentioned how being a woman in a highly male-dominated society has certainly not been of any help. However, as Shonda mentions, “With the difficulties that come, if your work is of high quality, it will speak for itself.”

Shonda has plans to develop herself further, and her future plans include doing financial segments on daytime TV. She is currently working on a YouTube show on realty and teaching credit while partnering with some of the most renowned and biggest financial institutions around the globe.

Out of all the people making it big, Shonda stands out as a star who has not only made it as an entrepreneur but also plans to teach other people and help start their financial lives on the right track.

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