White House Press Pool Demands Biden Hold Press Conference After Aides Shout Down Questions

Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images

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The White House press pool demanded that President Joe Biden hold a press conference after aides shouted down questions following the president’s meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The president met with Johnson in the Oval Office on Tuesday to discuss climate change, trade, and the $66 million submarine contract that put France at odds with the U.S., U.K. and Australia. After the meeting, U.S. reporters attempted to ask questions but were left without answers, according to Voice of America reporter Steve Herman. (RELATED: Watch Joe Biden Weirdly Whisper His Answers To The Press)

“The entire editorial component of the US pool went immediately into Jen Psaki’s office to register a formal complaint that no American reporters were recognized for questions in the president’s Oval Office, and that wranglers loudly shouted over the president as he seemed to give an answer to Ed O’Keefe’s question about the situation at the southern border,” a dispatch from White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) president Steven Portnoy read.

“Psaki was not aware that the incident had occurred, and suggested that she was not in a position to offer an immediate solution. Your pooler requested a press conference. Psaki suggested the president takes questions several times a week.”

CBS News Senior White House and Political Correspondent Ed O’Keefe said that he could not hear the president’s answer to his question about the southern border because of the White House aides shouting, the noise of people leaving, and Biden’s mask. O’Keefe also noted that senior White House aides seemed to cut off the U.K. prime minister by shouting and escorting everyone out of the Oval Office. (RELATED: President Joe Biden Nears 45 Days Without Holding A Press Conference)

Daily Caller Senior White House Correspondent Shelby Talcott noted that some British reporters appeared to be quietly surprised at the White House aides yelling and ushering pool out of the Oval Office.