Former Bush Speechwriter Says Trump Supporters Should Lay Off The ‘Fried Foods’ And ‘Order Salmon’ Instead

(Screenshot/YouTube/Matt Lewis)

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The Atlantic’s David Frum called former President Donald Trump’s supporters “physically weak” and advised them to “go for a walk” and eat healthily during a Tuesday interview.

Frum, who was a speechwriter to former President George W. Bush, claimed that the “homo-erotic fanfic images” of Trump that portray him physically superior to his opponents speak to his voters’ unhealthy obsession with physical power.

“Donald Trump … can’t lift a glass of water, can’t walk down a ramp, hasn’t done meaningful physical exercise ever in his life,” Frum told Daily Beast senior columnist Matt Lewis. (Disclosure: Matt Lewis is a former columnist at the Daily Caller.) “The idea that you make this fetish about him … it says something about your doubts, about your needs.”

“One of the things that was true in 2016: if you found a county where there is a lot of obesity and drug abuse, that’s where you get a lot of Trump votes,” Frum said. (RELATED: David Frum Calls Trump ‘One Of The Fattest Presidents,’ ‘Least Physically Capable Since’ FDR)

The Atlantic‘s staff writer also labeled the Republican party “the party of people with chronic health problems,” adding that their fixation on power was “compensatory.”

“Trumpy fringes have special problems with personal physical health,” he asserted. “Stop worshipping these people and just go for a walk. And stop eating the fried foods. Go for a walk and order the salmon.”