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How Good Ranchers is Showing Support for Local Farmers

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Did you know that over 80% of grass-fed beef sold online and in major grocery stores is imported from overseas? Since the COOL Law (Country of Origin law) was revoked in 2016, the law has allowed retailers to label their products “Made in USA,” even the imported goods, as long as it’s processed in a US plant.

This has forced around 100,000 independent American ranchers to close their businesses. The few remaining are holding on to the hope of the reinstatement of the COOL policy. As they wait, the support by companies like Good Ranchers, who continue to source 100% American beef, keeps them going.

Good Ranchers is a meat subscription delivery box service best known for its premium quality, affordable price, and top-of-the-line USDA graded meat. Sourcing all their meat locally, they ensure all the animals are pasture-raised and treated according to their standards of excellence. They sell beef, chicken, pork, and seafood.

The team at Good Ranchers explains that it is essential to know how the cattle were raised and what they have been fed. Guided by their mission of providing 100% American meat that is better than the “organic” competitors, they have partnered with local farmers to ensure all cattle and chicken are pasture-raised.

Good Ranchers goes beyond the “Organic” standard. They don’t want a label that simply allows them to inflate their price. They want to produce the highest quality product at an affordable price. This mission drives them to provide their customers with the best and most tender meat while ensuring the quality is not compromised. Embracing sustainability, they work to ensure there is a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Proper animal care is essential in balancing the health and productivity of the herd. As part of supporting local farmers, Good Ranchers educate ranchers and farmers on adequately caring for the cattle while avoiding non-organic means like hormones. By using humane animal care practices, the quality of the meat is improved as well as the quality of life notes the team at Good Ranches.

In addition to supporting local farmers, Good Ranchers run a food drive campaign called the Give 10 Program, where they help feed less fortunate families. Working together with local food banks, they have fed over 500,000 families. With every package bought, Good Ranches donates ten meals.

Organic products are much more expensive compared to non-organic products. This makes it impossible for some people to afford quality products. According to Good Ranchers, one of the reasons these products are overly expensive is that the process often involves too many intermediaries. By sourcing their meat locally, even though it is better than organic, it is very affordable compared to other online stores.

While the local farmers continue to fight for the reinstatement of the COOL policy, they are grateful to companies like Good Ranchers, who choose to use 100% American-sourced meat. According to Good Ranchers, in the past, they have been approached by different suppliers to sell imported meat; each time, they are compelled to remain true to their roots and choose to work together with the local farmers and bring traditional American meat back to the dining table.