Joy Behar Says Hillary Clinton’s ‘The Real Victim,’ Not Monica Lewinsky


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar said Hillary Clinton is “the real victim” and not Monica Lewinsky due to the former White House intern’s affair with former President Bill Clinton.

During a discussion Wednesday on whether or not Lewinsky was a victim of her affair with Clinton during his presidency, “The View” co-host Sarah Haines noted that Lewinsky became a “pariah,” Hillary “suffered” and “the women in Bill Clinton’s life suffered more than he did.” (RELATED: ‘He Took A Guess’: Joy Behar Says Trump Scapegoated China, It’s Just A ‘Lucky Break’ That He Was Right)

Co-host Joy Behar called Hillary and the United States of America the real victims.

“Because If you remember, when the debate was going on between [Donald] Trump and Hillary, Trump brought in all these so-called victims of Clinton’s pecadillos,” she said.

“But when he [Trump] brought those women into that debate that hurt Hillary Clinton, and that is the real victim. The country lost a great person. Hillary Clinton could have been the president instead of that criminal that we had there for four years, and that’s the real victim,” she continued. “And that’s the real loser.”


Co-host Ana Navarro said the president was “impeached,” but admitted if it had happened in today’s “Me Too,” cancel culture environment, Clinton would have been “convicted” by Democrats.

Navarro also argued that despite Monica’s statement about how her life was “ruined by the internet,” it was actually “ruined by the actions, her decisions, and the mistakes and the consequences of what happened because of what she did.”