Tim Kennedy Talks About The ‘Giants’ And Heroes Of The American Military

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tim Kennedy wants the public to know the military is full of amazing heroes.

During my exclusive interview with the Green Beret sniper, I mentioned how I’m reading Richard Winter’s autobiography and how I often find myself in awe of his stories from WWII. When I asked Kennedy if he’s ever stunned by the greatness that surrounds him in the military, his answer didn’t disappoint.

“I walk down the halls of giants. Every single one of the people on my left and my right are the most selfless, brilliant, hard working people on the planet,” Kennedy said in part when responding to my question.

You can watch his full answer below. Trust me when I say that it’s 100% worth your time.

Guys like Tim Kennedy make me very proud to be an American. He hypes up the military all the time and he’s so proud to be an American.

He’s also 100% correct about the “giants” and heroes of our military. We all talk about WWII, but we sometimes might lose sight of the fact that there are just as many incredible heroes in the military today.

Hopefully, more young people learn the stories of all the people who have laid it on the line on behalf of America.

There are truly some special individuals out there and their stories are worth telling.

Also, if you haven’t heard Kennedy’s take on Delta vs. SEAL Team 6, you can listen below. It’s hilarious.