‘Get Out Of Here!’: Al Sharpton Gets Heckled By Protesters During Del Rio Border Tour

[Screenshot/Twitter/Suburban Black Man]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Protesters heckled Rev. Al Sharpton’s press conference during his Thursday visit to Del Rio, Texas, where he called for an investigation into horseback Border Patrol’s alleged abuse on Haitian migrants.

Sharpton visited the Del Rio International Bridge, where over 10,500 Haitian migrants have illegally entered and encamped in makeshift shelters in recent days. Protesters yelled over the reverend and civil rights activist’s speech, calling him a “racist” and a “disgrace,” footage shows.

“Why are you trying to invoke violence? Why are you here advocating for violence? Del Rio is not a racist city. Del Rio is a loving, caring community. We don’t want your racism in Texas, get out of here,” a protester said. “We don’t want your racist nonsense in Del Rio!”

“You’re a disgrace, Sharpton!” another protester yelled.

Sharpton referenced a photograph of a horseback Border Patrol officer appearing to grab a migrant by the shirt, saying that a full investigation must be conducted into the officers’ alleged “weaponization of horses.” (RELATED: Maxine Waters Says Accusations Of Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Haitian Migrants Are ‘Worse Than What We Witnessed In Slavery’) 

“We want Border Patrol to be fully investigated, we want those involved to be brought to justice and we want to see asylum given to those who deserve it,” Sharpton said during the press conference.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said the officers use long reins to control the horses and actively attempt to avoid injuring the migrants. A handful of Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have referred to the reigns as “whips” and have claimed that they are being used on migrants.

The reverend added that Trump supporters can “scream all they want,” but they will ensure that asylum is granted and that migrants are treated humanely. He vowed to continue to return to the area to fight for the migrants’ civil rights.