Dad Finds 18-Month-Old Baby Playing With Tarantula

Sebastian Gollnow/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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An Arizona dad suffered the shock of his life when he discovered his 18-month-old playing with a tarantula, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Tuscon resident David Lehman walked into his backyard in early September and found his daughter Blake playing with a coffee can. However, he eventually realized that the can she was playing with housed a tarantula, according to Fox News. (RELATED: THE UNLUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD: Deadly Spider Bites Dude’s Junk AGAIN)

After walking into his backyard, Lehman reportedly asked his daughter what she was playing with. She replied, simply, “Bug.” At first, he thought nothing of it because his daughter was starting to learn how to talk and there were beetles where they lived, according to Fox News.

However, Lehman’s nonchalant attitude quickly changed when his daughter picked up the can to show him what was inside. “When she showed it to me, I was just like … that’s not a bug,” Lehman told Fox News. “That’s a tarantula. And it looks so much bigger next to a baby hand.”

Lehman immediately screamed, jumped, and then tried knocking the can out of Blake’s hand but she instead toppled over, along with the cup, according to the outlet. He said he was shocked in the moment but once he was able to calm down, he felt embarrassed about how he reacted, Fox News reported.

“Like you’ve got this one moment to be the brave dad and that’s what you did? Are you kidding me?” he said.