Dana Perino: Joy Behar Would Be ‘Canceled’ If She Was A Conservative Calling Hillary ‘The Real Victim’ Instead Of Lewinsky

(Photo credit: Fox News Channel The Five Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dana Perino said “The View” co-host Joy Behar would be “canceled” if she was a conservative for suggesting that Hillary Clinton was “the real victim” and not Monica Lewinsky.

“I think that the fact the Clintons handled the Monica Lewinsky situation so poorly and so atrociously that it’s continued to follow them ever since,” Perino shared during a panel discussion on “The Five” Thursday about Lewinsky’s treatment due to her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

“I cannot believe that somebody like Joy Behar can say something like that without getting canceled in today’s environment,” she added. “If she was a conservative and said something like that, that would have been grounds for your firing.” (RELATED: Monica Lewinsky Talks About Advocating For Thong-Flashing Scene In ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ Drama)


“Not only that,” Perino continued. “If you look back at that time, I was on Capitol Hill, and I thought, ‘wait where are the women’s groups sticking up for her?’ I don’t understand. And it was so eye opening as to what they were all really about.” (RELATED: ‘He Took A Guess’: Joy Behar Says Trump Scapegoated China, It’s Just A ‘Lucky Break’ That He Was Right)

The Fox News co-host said even today nothing has changed as those groups that claim to defend women “continue to play dirty tricks.”

“And I trace it all back to that whole moment, that decision to trash Monica Lewinsky,” Dana explained. “She’s never been allowed even to make a living. This show she’s doing is one of the first paying jobs… that she’s been able to get. They completely ruined her life. And for what? How in the world? Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. She ran for president. How can she be the victim?”

Co-host Jesse Waters said when he sees Behar making such comments he knows that the “MeToo movement is dead” as he noted if Joy had said that “in the height of MeToo” she “might have had some trouble” but now “it’s coming full circle. You can trash Lewinsky.”