EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz To Release Video Going After Biden For ‘Failure’ On Border Crisis, Economy, Foreign Policy

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will release a video Thursday highlighting the recent failures under President Joe Biden’s administration.

The Daily Caller first obtained the video, titled “Where are the adults?” The video consists of a number of media clips of anchors or pundits discussing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the ongoing border crisis, the French government recalling ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia over a multi-billion dollar defense deal and the inflation index reaching an annual rate of 4.2% in July, its highest level since 1991.

“The corrupt corporate media claimed with Joe Biden’s presidency the ‘adults are back in the room.’ Eight months into Biden’s presidency, where are the adults? It’s been failure after failure around the world, the border is in crisis, and inflation is skyrocketing all because of Joe Biden’s incompetent decisions,” Cruz told the Daily Caller before releasing the video. (RELATED: ‘She Was Supposed To Be In Charge’: MSNBC Anchor Tears Into ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris)

“Failure at the Border, Failure on the world stage, Failure on the economy, Where are the adults?,” text reads on the video.


Last week, on top of it all, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected Pfizer’s vaccine booster for Americans 16 and older after Biden and other White House officials had already expressed support for getting booster shots in August. However, the FDA said Friday that booster shots were only necessary for the elderly and others who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.(RELATED: Joe Biden’s Week Ended With Two Hours Of Bad News)

Meanwhile, White House aides shouted down American pool reporters who attempted to ask Biden about the crisis at the southern border Tuesday. Vice President Kamala Harris, who was named border czar under Biden, is scheduled to appear on “The View” in person Friday amid the ongoing border crisis.