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Why Working with Family First Life Is an Incredible Opportunity

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Most Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMO) pay low compensation rates, especially for new agents. Working with Family First is an incredible opportunity because the company has a unique story and compensation history. In addition, the company offers benefits to agents that other IMOs don’t provide.

Family First Life puts the welfare of agents and the clients they serve first. The company provides an opportunity for agents to make well over $100,000 annually in commissions. Agents don’t have to have experience in the insurance industry to work with them. What sets them apart from competitors is the fact that they offer attractive compensation rates.

New agents start with a comp rate of 100% to 145% while competitors start at 40% to 120%. Moreover, they provide FREE training to agents in addition to stable contracts and attractive bonuses. These are the things that make working with them more beneficial compared to their competitors. It’s also the reason the company will succeed in the industry despite doubts from skeptics.

Family First Life has already achieved some milestones that would shame the critics. For instance, they have already accomplished the following:

  • Partnered with Integrity Marketing Group (October 2019)
  • Issued 10 Million in one month (have since issued $30+ million in a month)
  • Issued $200 Million in 2020 (Record Year)
  • Had a record week – $10.6 million iIssued in a single week.
  • #1 Life distributor with Americo since 2014
  • #1 Life distributor with Mutual of Omaha for the past 4 years
  • Engaged 469 agents in 2020 and issued over $100,000.

When people think of insurance, they think of names like Geico and State Farm. Family First has fought for its place in the life insurance industry and the reason the company has made such progress is that they provide personalized in-home services.

Family First Life does a better job of meeting the needs of clients because they are not tied to one carrier. The company has partnered with different carriers. They built their lead system, CRM contracting system, and marketing strategy. They accomplished this without support from established groups or individuals.

Their main goal is to become a billion-dollar company by the end of 2022 and they are on track to doing so within 9 years. The company also has the goal of opening up 400 offices in the U.S. On June 30th, the company opened up its 100th office.

They aim to  become a household name and continue to serve and protect American families and our agents.

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