Pfizer CEO Predicts A ‘Return To Normal Life’ — In About A Year


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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday that a return to normalcy will happen “within a year” despite new strains of COVID-19 emerging.

Bourla appeared on the Sunday broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” where he was asked to comment on Moderna CEO’s opinion of the pandemic being over in a year.

“I agree that, within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” Bourla responded. “I don’t think this means that variants will not continue coming, and I don’t think this means that we should be able to live our lives … without having vaccinations.”

The CEO of Pfizer then went on to suggest that more new variants of the virus are yet to emerge. However, we will also be able to fight them more effectively, since vaccines in the future will “last at least a year,” Bourla claimed. (RELATED: What Will It Take To Get Back To Normal? Here’s What The Experts Say)

“I think the most likely scenario is annual vaccinations. But we don’t know, really. We need to wait,” he added.

The Pfizer CEO warned Aug. 24 that the emergence of a vaccine-resistant strain of COVID-19 is possible at some point in the future.