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Burrel Lee Wilks, Co-Founder of Mayweather Fitness, Shares How He Overcame Barriers to Build a Business Empire

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Challenges are part of everyday life, and to succeed, these are hurdles we must jump over. Burrel Lee Wilks shares how he went against the odds to build a business empire.

From growing up in a crime-infested area to dealing drugs and getting involved in street gangs at just 16 years, Burrel has encountered countless barriers. Despite all this, he managed to rise against the odds and is now the co-founder of Mayweather Fitness & Boxing. He is also a celebrated author, motivational speaker, partner at Diamond Developments, and the CEO and founder of Burrel Streetwise. Burrel is widely known as the creator of the Strategies for Millionaire Magnetism program.

Here is how he overcame different barriers:

  • He remained true to his dreams.

Watching his peers lose their lives was the turning point for Burrel. He knew this was not the life he wanted. He started reevaluating his goals in life and came up with a plan to achieve his dreams. However, sticking to the plan proved challenging as this was the life he was used to; all his friends and family were deep into the street life. According to Burrel, anytime he felt like giving up and going back to his old ways, he always reminded himself of why he quit and what he stood to gain by investing in his dreams.

  • Persistence.

People will tell you that you will not make it; some challenges will also be hard to overcome. Even so, that shouldn’t give you a reason to give up. When Burrel started his first business, his lack of knowledge and experience of the entrepreneurship world posed a major challenge. Burrel notes he did not have a marketing strategy in place, which saw him incur losses as most people were not aware of his brand. He kept trying to invest in learning more about entrepreneurship, and within no time, he had furniture stores, grocery stores, and jewelry stores, all of which were profitable.

  • He learned how to create his own opportunities.

The world is what you make it. Unless you tell your story yourself, then you risk it remaining untold. Burrel knew that for the world to notice him, he had to make a move first. He identified a gap in the market, studied the current market, and came up with products and services that would help him stand out from his competitors. For instance, Mayweather Fitness & Boxing, which he has co-founded, is founded on the principle of providing fitness to all no matter their socioeconomic status, which makes it stand out from other fitness companies.

Life is full of highs and lows. Although everyone loves the good times to achieve the next step in life means embracing whatever comes your way. Looking back, Burrel notes that while the obstacles, or as he likes to call them, ‘soul tattoos,’ were a major hindrance, the lessons learned have shaped him into the person he is today. His memoir Tattoos on My Soul: From the Ghetto to the Top of the World is inspiring and impacting generations.

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