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Gavin Lira Connecting Brands and People Through The Empathy Firm

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Gavin Lira is an entrepreneur and digital marketing enthusiast who has been referred to as a Gen Z super-connector. He is the founder of The Empathy Firm, a strategic relations and branding firm based in the US. Gavin was born in Lake Mills in Wisconsin, where he also started his business at the young age of 17. Now, he owns a major business firm, helping other businesses make their brands known globally.

With a desire to help others even at a young age, Gavin had thought of pursuing a career as a therapist. However, he realized the beauty of the business industry and how being an entrepreneur enables someone to earn a living while helping others. These are the reasons he decided to shift his focus to becoming a businessman instead of a therapist, which eventually paid off.

Using his social skills, Gavin began his career in the business industry as a digital marketer for local brands through Instagram and Facebook. He ran sponsored ads on these clients’ social media pages to boost their marketability and popularity. Gavin’s small business gained quick and solid traction, forcing him to be on the road to meet with other clients most of the time.

The internet helped Gavin educate himself and learn more about the business as he only had $300 in his pocket when he started working. He gradually earned much-deserved success through his faith in God and a desire to help others launch their brands. Gavin often shares his humble experiences when he just started through his popular podcast, “Future Millionaires,” inspiring thousands of listeners all over the world.

While running his business, Gavin was also attending university, which became extremely challenging to balance. Despite this, he was able to turn this into an opportunity to grow as he got some help from his brother, Grant. Together, they’ve grown The Empathy Firm, with Gavin focused on marketing and service delivery. Grant, on the other hand, took care of generating leads and sales for the company.

Gavin decided to drop out of university to dedicate 100% of his time and effort towards the business. He relied on his skills and determination while gathering advice from successful business owners to scale up his company. Along the way, he built a strong network of connections with other people in the industry. Now, Gavin and his firm have helped many entrepreneurs connect with other people and brands.

Apart from his marketing and branding firm, Gavin also uses his social media pages to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on the basics of running a business. He connects with his followers and potential clients through his website, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn handles. Gavin uses this approach to his business in helping other brands get their names out there, as brands should be all about the people.

The Empathy Firm utilizes a variety of methods to boost their clients’ popularity, like social media marketing, guesting on podcasts, and more. The firm promises its clients creative solutions to their problems as they work together to attain their goals. Gavin considers their clients as partners, as they’re very selective in who they work with.