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How Kelsey Kaplan Stands Out From The Crowd With Her Unique Perspective And Authenticity

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Influencers, bloggers, and fashionistas face serious competition in this day and age. According to Lexington Law, 91% of Millennials prefer to shop online, and 40% of Millennials refer to online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. There’s a huge digital market open for business, but if influencers and bloggers want to be seen and stay in the spotlight, they need to create a unique image for their brands. Kelsey Kaplan Fashion is a successful brand that has done just that, and the founder deserves the credit for keeping fashion fun.

Stand Out With a Unique Perspective

Kelsey Kaplan Fashion began as a creative outlet for Kelsey to showcase her personal style, unique interests, product reviews, and various other fashion-related topics. To remain as authentic as possible, her brand will always evolve with her life experiences. Kelsey makes sure that her brand aligns with her goals to partner and collaborate with brands that she genuinely loves while offering consumers daily style advice. Her unique perspective, highly engaged audience, and authenticity differentiate her from the competition.

Be Real

Customers perceive Kelsey Kaplan Fashion as “approachable, reliable, happy, and a place to connect and have conversations with like-minded individuals.” Followers often remark that they appreciate her “what you see is what you get” approach to blogging and sharing life experiences.

On social media, the vibrant content and light-hearted captions align with her mission: to be an avenue for brands to showcase products and services through colorful imagery and creative storytelling, and for consumers to learn, enjoy, and be inspired.

Expanding Horizons

By making a conscious effort to assure her current and prospective audiences that her content is relatable to all walks of life, Kelsey wants to focus more on lifestyle content. She plans to launch a new vertical where she will promote and review all things related to motherhood and babies. She also has the desire to expand her brand beyond the United States by gaining more recognition in Latin America.

Keeping It Current

Kelsey Kaplan says that her biggest challenge is keeping up with how fast social media evolves. What’s relevant today may be old news tomorrow. For example, TikTok disrupted the digital marketing space overnight. As consumers began spending more time on the platform, it became clear to brands that they needed to allocate marketing dollars to creators on TikTok as well as Instagram. This is great news for creatives who have strong followings on both social media networks, but pressures creatives into churning out even more content to spread across both platforms. To be a desirable partner in the eyes of a brand, you must stay current.