Report: Woman Wanted To Spend More Time With Her Boyfriend, So She Called In A Bomb Threat To His Office


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A woman in Maine reportedly wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend, so she called in not one but two bomb threats to his workplace.

Kayla Blake, a 33-year-old woman was arrested after she reportedly phoned in multiple bomb threats to the Puritan Medical Products factory in Pittsfield, shutting down the company and forcing hundreds of employees out of work, Police chief “Pete” Bickmore told Kens5 Thursday. (RELATED: Federal Prosecutors Are Branding Non-Violent Jan 6 Defendants As ‘Terrorists’ To Pursue Harsher Sentences)

Police said Blake allegedly made her first call to the Maine State Police around 9 a.m. about placing  being a bomb at the facility. A second call was made to law enforcement reportedly around noon, this time with Blake alleging that four pipe bombs would be placed at the location. (RELATED: Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Bomb Threat)

Police said they were able to trace the calls back to Blake in Etna, who reportedly confessed, and admitted there were no bombs.

Kayla also reportedly told police the reason she did it was because she wanted to see her boyfriend who worked at the plant.

Blake is facing felony terrorizing charges and is being held on $1,500 bail.

“It was great teamwork,” Bickmore shared, Press Herald reported. “It was a great investigation and hard work by Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office deputies. I can’t say enough about all their hard work and the support we got from the Maine State Police and the FBI.”

Once released, Kayla reportedly must stay away from the company’s property and cannot contact them, the outlet noted.

The company shared it was still trying to figure out the costs of being shut down for the day, with estimates at a full day of production loss, the report noted.