The Left Wanted Diversity, Until Larry Elder Ran

[Daily Caller]

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In this week’s episode of “Quality Control with Jobob,” Jobob points out the “silver lining” of the California recall election.

Even though Larry Elder failed to unseat Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, the election proved one thing for sure: identity politics suffered a shake up.

Jobob said the “silver lining” in the recall race is that the death of identity politics has become abundantly clear.

“In so many situations, we’ve seen Democrats and liberals pander to the minority voting block by accusing conservatives of racism anytime a white person is running against a person of color,” Jobob said, explaining how Newsom wasn’t able to pull the racism card on Elder. (RELATED: SHEFFIELD: Gavin Newsom May Have Won The Recall, But That Doesn’t Change The Fact That He Has Been A Failure For California)


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