‘It Is So Cowardly’: Dan Bongino Says Biden Has Thrown The Military Under The Bus On Afghanistan

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Radio host Dan Bongino said Wednesday night on Fox News that President Joe Biden threw the military under the bus regarding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Bongino said that Biden wants to take credit for pulling out of Afghanistan because a lot of Americans agree that troops should not be there indefinitely.

“But he wants to take no credit at all for the disastrous method by which he did it, and he wants to throw the military under the bus. So now he has put his own military in this awful spot where they have to sit up there and massage the obvious answer, ‘did you tell Joe Biden, the president of the United States, to leave this way?'”

He added that military leaders can’t say that they told Biden to leave Afghanistan in the way that he did, so they have to give roundabout answers when asked about the advice they gave to the president. (RELATED: Gen. McKenzie Undercuts Biden Statements On Afghanistan Withdrawal)

“It is so cowardly,” Bongino continued. “Why not just come out and say, ‘listen, I made a mistake. I wanted to get out’ … it’s insane that I’m giving him political advice. I lost my run for office.”

“Say ‘I made a mistake, we screwed up. We are going to rectify, we are going to get our people out.'”

Top generals testified Tuesday that they opposed Biden’s decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan. Biden has previously claimed that no senior military leader advised him to leave some troops behind, but both Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley stated during their testimony that they had been in favor of leaving 2,500 troops on the ground.