‘What Are You Talking About?’: Pelosi Sharply Responds To Reporter Asking About Debt Ceiling

CNN screenshot

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Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded sharply to a reporter who asked her about the debt ceiling Wednesday.

“Why get mad at members, why twist the arms of moderates, if this is not going to move anywhere?” the reporter asked, noting that the debt limit extension might not advance in the Senate.

“What are you talking about?” Pelosi responded. “We have a responsibility to lift up the full faith and credit of the United States of America, that’s what we have to do.” (RELATED: Senate Republicans Filibuster Government Funding Bill Over Debt Ceiling Provision With Three Days Until Shutdown)

The Speaker of the house said that the House cannot pick and choose their actions based on what may happen in the Senate.

“These members have all voted for this last week. So if they’re concerned about how it might be in an ad, it’s already in an ad,” she added. “So let us give every confidence, every step of the way, that we will do that. We cannot predicate our actions in the House on what could happen in the Senate. We can when we’re coming to an agreement on a bill.”

A government shutdown will begin Friday at midnight if Congress fails to pass a new funding bill. Senate Republicans vowed to oppose a debt ceiling increase, and Republicans unanimously oppose the Democrats’ sweeping $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill.