$2 Million Raised For Marine Facing Possible Charges Over Demanding Accountability For Afghanistan

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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The Pipe Hitter Foundation (PHF) raised over $2 million as of Sunday for Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who’s facing possible charges for demanding accountability for the situation in Afghanistan.

“The Pipe Hitter Foundation is incredibly proud to assist Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, a Marine who had the courage to demand accountability from his leadership in the wake of a disastrous exit from Afghanistan that lead to the death of 13 of his fellow service members,” reads the Donor Box description. (RELATED: ‘There Must Be Accountability’; 90 Retired Flag Officers Call On Austin, Milley To Resign Immediately)

Scheller posted a video on social media in August calling out his senior leadership for not taking responsibility for the disastrous exit in Afghanistan.

“I have been fighting for 17 years, and I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders ‘I demand accountability,'” Scheller said.

Scheller also submitted a formal request for resignation in late August, forfeiting his retirement pension and benefits.

“We the people submit our resignation with a requested date of 11 September 2021,” he wrote. “Reason: Loss of trust and confidence.”

After Scheller’s video went viral, he was ordered to stop posting anything on social media, was relieved for cause and was thrown in the brig.

“That day, Stu risked everything to stand up for what he believes. LtCol Scheller stated in his first video that he was willing to lose his job, his retirement, and his family’s stability to stand for accountability. And he did lose all three of those things,” wrote the PHF.

PHF is working to raise money for emergency relief, relocation, loss of military benefits and retirement, legal expenses, and family support for Scheller.