‘You All Just Filmed Yourselves Committing A Felony’: Meghan McCain Slams Left After ‘Disgusting’ Bathroom Accosting Of Sen. Sinema

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain slammed the left after a “disgusting” bathroom accosting of Democrat Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and argued that the activists “filmed themselves committing a felony.”

“Filming someone in a bathroom without consent is a class 5 felony in Arizona,” the former co-host of “The View” tweeted Mondays. “You all just filmed yourselves committing a felony,” she added, along with a retweet of a clip showing Sinema being chased into the bathroom and filmed at Arizona State University. (RELATED: ‘Dragged’: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Every Single Person In Biden Administration’ Over Fall Of Kabul)

The former Fox News host later posted her column for the Daily Mail under the headline, “MEGHAN MCCAIN: The revolting scenes of Sen Sinema being abused in a ladies’ room show that Democrat progressives have become as toxically intolerant as the Trump regime they despised. But they won’t stop Kyrsten standing up for moderate America.” (RELATED: The Left Rushes To Defend Sinema’s Bathroom Harassers)

In the piece, McCain accuses the left of becoming “a mirror version of [Donald] Trump and Trumpism – the inverse of his mania and toxic divisiveness” following the attack on Sinema over her opposition to President Joe Biden’s reconciliation bill as part of his “Build Back Better” agenda.

“First, how grotesque it is to follow a sitting Senator into a ladies bathroom and record her and then post it on the internet?” the column read. “How disgusting have student protestors become not to see that harassing a woman entering a private space is inhumane, moronic and cruel – not to mention, a felony, under Arizona law.”

Meghan then recalled being “concerned” after Congresswoman Maxine Watters “infamously” encouraged democrats during Trump’s presidency to “harass Trump administration officials in public.”

“The Left does not get to complain about Donald Trump’s character and personality when they sit and remain silent about the intensely growing harassment against people who break rank from the beliefs of progressive left in the country,” McCain explained. “What we haven’t seen until now is Democrat on Democrat violence. This is what is new about Senator Sinema.”

“Now, in the eyes of the progressive left, it is not only evil to be a conservative in the country, it is evil to be a moderate Democrat,” she added. “Apparently the most dangerous thing a person can be in America is a free-thinker who doesn’t bend the knee to progressives.”

McCain then explained how there are still a few moderates “within the Democratic party who aren’t down with Biden’s $3.5 trillion agenda to turn America into a welfare state and who deserve to be heard.”