‘Science And Faith Go Hand In Hand’: Outgoing NIH Director Says He Doesn’t Want A Future Where One Or The Other ‘Has To Win’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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National Institutes of Health Director (NIH) Francis Collins said Tuesday that he did not want to envision a future where either science or faith had to “win.”

Collins, who recently announced his retirement from the NIH, spoke with “Your World” host Neil Cavuto about the pandemic and his future, but as the interview came to a close, Cavuto threw Collins a couple of curveballs. (RELATED: ‘Isn’t That The Exact Opposite Of Follow The Science?’: Chris Wallace Presses NIH Director On Biden’s Rush To Secure COVID-19 Boosters)


“You worked under three presidents. Who was your favorite?” Cavuto asked, and Collins appeared to pause momentarily.

“Oh, I don’t like to play favorites, especially on a television news program. They were all people of remarkable interesting character and I got to know all three of them pretty well and they were totally different,” Collins replied, then added with a smile, “So I’m going to dodge your question, Neil.”

“You’re very artfully doing that,” Cavuto said and moved on to his next question. He asked Collins how, as both a scientist and as a man of faith, did he reconcile faith with science.

“You’ve walked that line. Do you think the scientists only take over from here?” Cavuto asked.

“I think science and faith go hand and hand,” Collins said. “I don’t really want to see a future where one has to win and the other has to lose. They’re complementary. They’re different ways of looking for truths. Science is pretty good at answering questions about how things work. You need faith to answer questions about why.

“Well put, Dr. Collins,” Cavuto said, as he closed out the interview.