Daily Caller Investigates Human Smugglers Working At Night During The Border Crisis

Daily Caller - Jorge Ventura

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Daily Caller recently investigated a human smuggling route in the small town of Roma, Texas, as the border crisis shows no signs of slowing down. In the middle of the night, human smugglers on the Mexican side of the border used rafts to transport Central American migrants across the Rio Grande as the National Guard looks on.

In the control of human smugglers, each raft brings small children, pregnant women and newborn babies onto American soil. The constant flow of migrants crossing illegally into Roma keep border patrol agents overwhelmed as the agency remains undermanned during the border crisis.

National guardsmen said they don’t pursue human smugglers in the water because they could “flip over the raft and put the kids in the water.” With no enforcement, human smugglers don’t stress about potential arrest and are able to continue this operation all night. (RELATED : EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s Not Fair To Us, The Taxpayers’: Del Rio Residents Blast Biden On Handling Of The Border Crisis)

Migrants can be seen wearing bracelets labeled “entregas” in Spanish, which translates to “delivered.” To cross the Rio Grande on a raft, migrants have to pay human smugglers a fee. The more migrants the human smugglers can transport to the American side the more they earn on their night shift.