Cary Fukunaga Explains The Origins Of Rust Cohle’s Famous Quote In ‘True Detective’ About The World Needing Bad Men

True Detective (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA81F4AsIYQ)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like “No Time to Die” director Cary Fukunaga is okay with bad men existing in certain circumstances.

Prior to directing Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, the Hollywood visionary directed the first season of “True Detective” on HBO, and Rust Cohle gave fans an all-time great line. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

While in the car with Marty, he said, “The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.” Now, he’s explained his thinking on the epic line.

Fukunaga told BroBible the following about the epic line an interview ahead of “No Time to Die” being released:

Well, I studied history and especially studied a lot of wars. There’s a great book On Killing by Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman. And it’s an army study on how we’ve taught our armies and our special forces how to be effective killers. And it comes down to a basic statistic: most people aren’t wired to kill. Even within the Army, it’s taken years and years of studies trying to figure out to effectively teach people to be able to pull the trigger to the point of taking the life of another human being. And there’s about 3% of the population that can *just do it*. And that’s the origins of that line — ‘You need bad men to keep other bad men from the door’ —  that 3%, you definitely want them on your side.

I feel the exact same way as Fukunaga. I don’t think most people realize the kind of evil that is lurking out there in the world.

I don’t think the average citizen has any idea what is lurking among the worst of society. You know how you crush the worst elements at the gate?

You use men who are okay with committing violence on behalf of those who need to be protected. I don’t think that necessarily makes them bad men, but it does make them cut from a different kind of cloth.

I actually spoke about this with Tim Kennedy during our interview. Be damn thankful guys like Delta Force operators and other special forces guys exist, and be even more grateful they’re on our side.

Also, I just recently watched season one of “True Detective” again for the sixth or seventh time, and it still holds up just as great as it did the first time.

If you’ve never seen it before, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s hands down one of the best seasons of TV ever made.