‘That’s Like Saying You Asked For It’: Greg Gutfeld Is Not Impressed By People Defending Protesters Who Chased Down Sinema

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld made it clear Wednesday that he was not impressed with people making excuses for the protesters who chased Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into a bathroom.

Gutfeld discussed the incident – where Sinema was verbally accosted in a ladies’ room by protesters trying to pressure her into voting for the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package — on “The Five.” He said that those defending the protestors were essentially suggesting that Sinema had “asked for it.” (RELATED: ‘Let Me Respond To Your Lie’: Greg Gutfeld And Geraldo Rivera Trade Barbs In Heated Exchange)


Cohost Dana Perino brought up the subject and noted that even President Joe Biden had responded to the incident by saying, “It’s part of the process.”

“Kirsten Powers at CNN had this tweet,” Perino continued, reading the tweet aloud. “‘Which is worse – your grandparents being deported or being followed into a bathroom because you refused to stop and listen to people desperate for your help? This is not a trick question.'”

“When people called her on this, [Powers] said ‘If she did not want to be bothered in the bathroom, she should not have gone to the bathroom,'” Gutfeld replied. “That’s like saying ‘you asked for it.'” (RELATED: ‘It May Not End Well’: ‘The View’ Host Says Harassing Senators In Bathrooms Could Backfire Because Someone Might Shoot You)

Gutfeld went on to say that Biden appeared to have less of a problem with a real crime — such as filming someone in a bathroom — than with “hypothetical crimes.”

“We are criminalizing the life of an average American citizen while we stop targeting criminals so you can shoplift anything under $900, beat people up in New York,” Gutfeld said, adding, “Crime is being decriminalized, decent citizens are being criminalized at the same time.”

Gutfeld then pivoted to address Powers directly, arguing that she had spent much of her public life decrying the way that female politicians were treated and calling for grace.

“I think when it comes to this bathroom stuff, Kirsten Powers isn’t turning the other cheek, literally. She has made her name lecturing people – and then goes to CNN and does an about face,” Gutfeld concluded. “Hypocrite. She deserves to be called out.”