HART: Jen Psaki Is Indignantly Flailing To Justify The Unjustifiable

(Screenshot: White House/YouTube)

Ron Hart Contributor
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To show how out of touch with economic realities Jen Psaki, life-long Democrat propagandist and White House spokes-pumpkin, is, she said it’s “unfair and absurd” that companies would raise costs to consumers due to higher taxes. This reminds me of what my favorite economist, Austrian Friedrich Hayek, said: “If socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be socialists.”

Jen, two things happen when government taxes or burdens businesses with regulations: They either raise prices to consumers who have to pay more (inflation), or they go out of business and their employees lose their jobs.  Then the government loses their tax revenue. Ignorance of this can be traced to years of the one economics class taught in school by unionized teachers whose main academic expertise is in gender studies. Ironically, they taught the extra economics class for the money.

Jen Psaki brings that same blissful and indignant ignorance to every aspect of her job, which is trying to make sense of what Joe Biden says and does. Because the White House reporters are almost all leftist enablers of the Democrats, she gets them to submit their questions for Biden ahead of time. Jen and the press handle Biden like family members help a four-year-old win at Scrabble.

The way she spun the disastrous pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan tells you how much she is willing to lie. She called it a “success.” Biden asked Afghan president Ghani to lie about the war’s progress, but admitted through the generals that he did not see the total collapse in leadership coming. I just assumed she was talking about the Biden administration but, incredibly, she was speaking about the Afghan government’s military forces.

Ever the fact-finding columnist, I dug into Jen Psaki’s background before she became a career Democrat apologist. She grew up on the hardscrabble streets (a cul-de-sac) of Greenwich, Connecticut. In college, she got degrees in English (a language I presume she already spoke) and sociology, tuition money well spent at William and Mary, a seemingly overly gender-specific college. She swam for the William and Mary “Tribe;” for the life of me I do not understand why they are still able to use such an anti-Semitic team name. She swam the backstroke, which prepared her well to always be able to backpedal for the Democrats.

One of Psaki’s better shucks and jives was defending the treasured artwork sales of up-and-coming, Avant-garde artist Hunter Biden. Hunter is all the rage in the leftist salons of the northeast. Hunter is selling his “fine art,” which he only started doing on Inauguration Day of this year, to anonymous buyers. Coincidentally, many of these buyers are the same corrupt despotic leaders who donated to the Clinton Foundation. Next on Jen’s agenda: how to defend that Hunter Biden’s three-year-old love child has already gotten a full ride to college, rowing for Stanford.

It is nice being Biden’s press secretary, although the “secretary” title seems sexist. Jen Psaki spends a lot of her time telling her tech-oligarchist friends in California to use their Facebook, Google and Twitter platforms to quash any ideas opposing her party’s. Jen even got asked by MLB team the Washington Nationals to throw out the First Amendment at their first game of the season. She did so well that before the All-Star break the Nationals brought her back to throw out the Second Amendment, too.

In a related story, “Garden and Guns Magazine” just came out with its list of the best silencers made in America: the Tyrant, the Suppressor, the Odessa and the Twitter.

It was hard for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She and her Sanders family were hounded out of a Virginia restaurant, The Red Hen, while she was press secretary for President Trump.

Jen Psaki probably eats at Burger King, “The Home of the Whopper.” Clearly, the explanation she offered up on the embarrassing evacuation of Afghanistan was an “Impossible Burger.”

Beyond Jen not understanding economics well enough to know that companies have to pass on cost increases to customers, the scary thing is that on CNN panels she tacitly agrees with the need to “re-educate” Trump voters. I can just see it now: The White House Press Corps slow claps Jen Psaki as she leaves the room assuring them that any “re-education” camps in America would be headed up by a transgendered woman of color.

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at Ron@RonaldHart.com or Twitter @RonaldHart.