‘The Perfect Hollywood Actress’: Jesse Watters Mocks Fauci Over New Documentary

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci during a Wednesday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Watters joined the show’s host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson to discuss the news that Fauci was the subject of a new documentary. (RELATED: ‘This Guy Is A Stone Cold Liar’: Jesse Watters Torches Biden On Afghanistan, The Border, Infrastructure And More)


“Tony Fauci is now a figure of religious veneration for the kind of Americans who think Starbucks makes good coffee,” Carlson began, arguing that it made perfect sense for Fauci to have his own film.

Carlson noted that the film included interviews with a number of celebrities like Bono, Bill Gates and “some of the rest of the worst people in the world.”

“But the best part of the documentary, needless to say, comes from Tony Fauci himself who is not surprisingly the world’s greatest fan of Tony Fauci,” Carlson continued, showing a clip of Fauci explaining why he thought some Americans did not trust him.

“I am the bad guy to an entire subset of people because I represent something that is uncomfortable for them. It is called the truth,” Fauci said. (RELATED: SPOTTED: Dr. Fauci Has Memorabilia Of Himself In His Own Home)

“I hope that if historians look back, if they ever would want to look back at what I have done, and my life, maybe somebody says, ‘Hey, that guy was pretty good,'” Fauci continued.

“There is a vaccinated man wearing a mask alone outside, that is clearly a sign of mental illness, but the film makes it seem like heroism,” Carlson said then, and he turned to Watters to ask for his assessment.

“He really is the perfect Hollywood actress,” Watters said noting that he had no intention of actually seeing the film. “Craves attention, loves drama and if you criticize his performance, ‘Oh, they only hate me because I’m beautiful.'”

Carlson laughed, and Watters continued: “This is the thing, we don’t hate the truth we just want Tony to tell it. We trust the science, we just don’t trust that scientist, because, Tucker, this is the same guy that funded the risky research in that sloppy lab that sprung this pandemic, and then he kept us all locked inside to protect us from a virus that mostly spreads inside. So instead of resigning and doing the right thing, he goes on television and actually suggests that future historians document his life and treat him as a hero.”

Watters went on to suggest that the film could be satire — or Disney compensating Fauci for the fact that Disney shares went up during the lockdowns.

“What about the filmmakers? If you’re interviewing the guy who helps create COVID-19, lied about it, got caught, funded these Frankenstein experiments that wrecked the United States, wouldn’t you feel obligated to ask him about it?” Carlson pressed.

“It’s too late because now the media has anointed him,” Watters replied. “He is Lord Lockdown, archenemy of Donald Trump, savior of everything scientific and holy. The media were early investors in the Fauci narrative … He’s too big to fail. They can’t pump and dump and sell him like they did with Cuomo, they can’t burst the Fauci bubble, there’s too much money locked in. He’s uncancellable.”