Good Samaritans Stop Passenger Attempting To Jump Out Of Bus Window


Kevin Harness Contributor
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A man attempted to jump out of a window Wednesday on a moving New York City bus just before two other passengers stopped him.

A video posted on YouTube shows an unidentified man attempting to jump out of the window, before two other passengers grab him, stopping him from jumping out of the moving bus. (RELATED: 32 People Sent To Hospital After Bus Crashes On Way Home From Church Retreat)

The man continued to yell, saying, “Get off of me” and “Let me go,” to the passengers who were trying to stop him.

Another passenger yelled for the driver to stop the bus.

While the two passengers were trying to pull him away from the window, the unidentified man attempted to bite one of them.

The unidentified man also tried spitting on one of the passengers, who then started to push the man out of the window, yelling, “Just go!”

The bus eventually came to a stop, the two passengers let him go, and the man climbed out of the bus window.

Another passenger on the bus yelled, “close the door!” after the unidentified man was off the bus.

“That was some wild shit,” the man recording the video said.