‘Fox Turns 25, But At What Cost To America?’: CNN Bashes Fox News As They Celebrate Their 25th Year On TV


Sergie Daez Contributor
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CNN anchor Brianna Keilar launched a diatribe against Fox News on Friday as they celebrated their 25th year on TV.

Keilar declared that “in a quarter century on the air, Fox has devolved from a network that once actually kind of covered the news with a little conservative flair, to a well documented hostile workplace that is a mouthpiece of the extreme, peddling racism and white supremacy and deadly misinformation, some of which, if you actually follow it, can kill you, and they’re doing all of that for a profit.”

During the segment, Keilar played a series of clips displaying Fox News Hosts disseminating what Keilar called, “misinformation and not so hot-takes.”

“Question is not, ‘is Joe Biden mentally impaired,'” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in a clip. “Obviously he is, and again, we’re not going to gloat over it.” 

Another clip showed Carlson asking, “How do unvaccinated people hurt anybody?” 

“Now, we can’t verify that it’s true, but it certainly sounds right,” Carlson said in another clip. Keilar asserted that this was “Fox’s de facto slogan,” and described Carlson as “Fox’s chief propagandist.”

She also cued up a segment from earlier in the week when she and John Berman had interviewed Stephanie Grisham. The former White House press secretary believed that Fox News spread information from the White House that helped fuel the January 6 Riots. (RELATED: Grisham Admits To Being A Liar In Front Of Two CNN Reporters And Neither Asked The Obvious Question)

“They just took what we were saying and disseminated it,” Grisham said. “And I think they’re disseminating it to a lot of people who went to the Capitol for January 6.”

Keilar ended the segment by saying, “So, yeah, Fox turns 25, but at what cost to America?”