Meghan McCain Slams ‘Sleaze Bucket’ Gov. Newsom Mandating Vax For Kids

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain slammed “sleaze bucket” Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom after he mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for kids K-12 once FDA approved.

“I’m double-vaxxed — like any sane adult ought to be — but I have real problems with forcing a fast-tracked treatment on our children for a disease to which almost all of them are essentially immune just for the ‘greater good,'” read the headline of McCain’s piece Thursday for the Daily Mail.(RELATED: ‘My Ancestors Fought In The American Revolution’: Meghan McCain Speaks Out On Meghan Markle Interview As ‘#AbolishTheMonarchy’ Trends)

“While I feel confident in my choice to get vaccinated, only a fool would compare this vaccine to the long-used, tested vaccines recommended for our children,” McCain wrote, noting how it is “experimental,” developed in “months,” not years. “But as of this moment, Pfizer is asking the FDA to authorize it’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages five to eleven. The agency has promised to move quickly and has a meeting scheduled for the end of the month.” (RELATED: ‘Some Kind Of An A**hole’: Megyn Kelly Hits Back After Being Labeled ‘Anti-Vax’)

The former Fox News host warned others that Newsom wouldn’t be the only governor in a blue state to make such a demand and want “over-fives jabbed as soon as the FDA give the OK.” (RELATED: Jake Tapper Grills Gavin Newsom Over Recall, French Laundry Dinner: ‘What On Earth Were You Thinking?’)

“For Democrats, vaccines for all, whatever the circumstances, have become an article of faith and ideological purity test all rolled into one,” the former talk show host explained. “Parents can opt their children out of inoculation based on personal beliefs but Newsom has not defined the criteria for obtaining those exemptions, leaving the task to state public health officials. It’s nebulous and confusing at best.”

McCain, whose daughter Liberty just turned one and has had all the vaccines recommended for kids in the first year, said if her daughter was “a few years older” she “would not be comfortable being forced to give her an experimental vaccine that has not been FDA approved to protect against a virus that, thank God, barely impacts children.”

The columnist shared in the United Kingdom their “vaccine watchdog DECLINED to recommend vaccines” for kids even over 15 because the “benefits were ‘marginal’ for the children concerned,” while noting the fact that the United States did not make the “flu vaccine compulsory, despite it being least as lethal” for them.

“On top of everything else, I do not believe it is the government’s, or at the very least, the sleaze bucket-du-jour Governor Gavin Newsom’s, role to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with my child,” Meghan wrote. “He couldn’t even follow his own COVID mandates during lockdowns without going to a group dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the world so why should I trust him with this?”

“Parents, and researchers, need more time,” she added. “If God forbid there was some side effect that impacted children we are unaware of because this was rushed, the little remaining trust Americans have in our institutions would be lost.

“There would be nothing short of bedlam,” McCain continued. “This is not a virus that is killing or even seriously threatening children, a few vanishingly-rare tragedies apart. And according to a British study in Nature recently, about half of them had serious pre-existing conditions.”