‘Not Good’: CNN Calls Out Biden’s Tanking Approval Ratings

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CNN called out President Joe Biden’s tanking approval ratings during the Friday morning segment of New Day.

Host John Berman pointed out that Biden’s poll numbers are “not good” and said that “for Democrats there are even more troubling numbers underneath the surface.”

“The numbers here, they tell a clear story,” Berman said.

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten echoed Berman’s sentiment that the numbers were “not good” and were “going in the wrong direction.” (RELATED: Biden Defends His Administration’s Record Amid Low Approval Numbers, Multiple Crises)

Berman said that Biden is “clearly underwater at this point” and asked Enten what’s driving the low approval numbers.

The president’s approval ratings fell ten points among Democrats, 12 points among Republicans, and 19 points among Independents, Enten explained.

“He was in positive territory August 1st at plus three,” he said. “He is now minus 16 points net approval rating with Independents. It’s the folks in the center of the electorate who are driving this.”

Enten added that Independents were the reason Biden won in the 2021 election, meaning the low approval numbers among that group is a “very bad sign.” People are looking at what the president has accomplished while in office, he said.

“In late April, look at this, 51%, a bare majority but a majority nonetheless saying he accomplished a great or fair deal,” the data reporter told Berman. “Now look at late August … down to just 40%. Now, the clear majority of voters say look at this. 58% say he accomplished only some or very little. They don’t think Joe Biden has gotten in office and done very much.”

Enten said that doing something like passing the Build Back Better plan or infrastructure package, which he said are relatively popular among Americans, could help Biden boost his approval ratings.

“Passing this legislation could boost his approval rating because it shows he’s doing something,” he said.