Man Murders Postal Worker Who He Reportedly Thought Poisoned His Family

(Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images)

Jorge Velasco Contributor
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A man confessed to killing a U.S. Postal Service worker because he believed he and his family were poisoned with cyanide, federal officials said.

Eric Kortz admitted to killing mail carrier Louis Vignone late Thursday afternoon after investigators found Vignone in his USPS vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head. A firearm along with seven shell casings were discovered in a nearby yard, FOX8 reported.

Kortz said he saw Vignone during his mail route and stopped in front of his USPS vehicle. Kortz then told Vignone he was going “to put some bullets in him,” according to Stephen R. Kaufman, acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Kortz said he drove to the Carnegie Borough Police Department afterwards and confessed to local authorities, FOX8 reported. Police put crime scene tape around Kortz’s van, the vehicle he drove himself with to the police department. (RELATED: US Postal Service Is Secretly Monitoring And Reporting Social Media Posts)

Agents said Kortz shot the letter carrier because he believed Vignone had poisoned Kortz and Kortz’s family with cyanide when they were neighbors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Vignone said he and his family moved three years ago to distance himself from Kortz after Kortz became more and more obsessed with them, reported WPXI news.

Kortz has been charged with murder. He faces a maximum total of life in prison or the death penalty, according to the Department of Justice.