Fauci Says That Halloween Is The Perfect Time Of Year To Think About Getting Vaccinated


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that Halloween was the perfect time of year to think about getting vaccinated.

Fauci joined “State of the Union” host Dana Bash to discuss the declining coronavirus case numbers and hospitalization rates, and Bash rounded out the interview with a question about the upcoming holidays – Halloween in particular. (RELATED: ‘The Perfect Hollywood Actress’: Jesse Watters Mocks Fauci Over New Documentary)


“One last question, Halloween is just around the corner,” Bash began, asking Fauci to give some guidance for parents who might be concerned about whether or not they should hand out candy or be out and about with their children.

“I think that particularly if you’re vaccinated, but you can get out there, you’re outdoors for the most part, at least when my children were out there doing trick-or-treating, and enjoy it,” Fauci replied. This is a time that children love. It’s a very important part of the year for children. I know my children enjoyed it.”

“So I mean, particularly if you’re vaccinated, if you’re not vaccinated, again, think about it, that you’ll add an extra degree of protection to yourself and your children and your family and your community. So it’s a good time to reflect on why it’s important to get vaccinated but go out there and enjoy Halloween as well as the other holidays that will be coming up,” Fauci continued, saying that those who were not vaccinated should use the time to reflect on all the reasons that they should consider doing so.

Bash, realizing that she had a few extra seconds with Fauci, asked about wearing masks indoors and how long he expected that to be the standard.

“You know, I — it’s always tough to predict that. I think if we continue to go down in the cases that we are seeing right now and more and more people get vaccinated, as the dynamics of the outbreak, namely the amount of virus circulating the community goes down, I hope we will be able to pull back on some of those restrictions to get closer to what we really feel is normal in the community,” he replied. “I hope that’s soon, but I can’t give a prediction of a date on that, Dana.”

Fauci went on to say that the numbers were beginning to go in the right direction, but that he still wanted to see them come down more before he would be comfortable loosening any restrictions.