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Automotive Membership Rewards Program Motor Culture Australia is Thriving with Tens of Thousands of Members… Here’s Why

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There’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. Over the last three years, Motor Culture Australia has gradually taken over the Australian automotive scene as the country’s most diverse motoring community. Having started off small as just the seed of an idea, the company now towers over its competition, and for good reason. Motor Culture members are hooked, not just because of all the generous giveaways, prizes, perks and events, but also because of the community spirit, and willingness to give back.

It’s all down to founder Tom McPherson, who had the courage to speak out about certain practices within the automotive scene that he found abhorrent. He envisioned a motoring community free from negativity and bullying tactics, and with the support of like-minded people, has succeeded in creating a safe, positive environment with Motor Culture.

“It was an uphill battle,” says McPherson, “and we still encounter hateful comments. I don’t see that ever going away. But we’ve achieved our goal in setting up a community of folks who share the same passion. And we like to think that we’re setting new trends in the industry by doing things that no-one else has thought of.”

The company is also renowned for its policy of giving back, donating part of its profits to a variety of Australian Charities such as the Black Dog Institute and The Hummingbird House. They also have a Traders agreement with The Smith Family, where 1% of their company profits go to help those in need.

Motor Culture Australia is likely best known for its extravagant giveaways that include some quite remarkable cars and motorcycles. Members also receive passes to the company’s Car and Culture Events, big car show events that are held once a month. Offering live entertainment, DJs, food, and, of course, cars, these events are hugely popular with members. Other events include Members Club Day, which consists of a full day of entertainment and fun activities, and Friday Night Socials for food, drinks and entertainment.

Along with the prizes and events, the company also offers members perks such as half-price movie tickets, discounts on automotive parts and services, a step-by-step guide on how to flip cars and motorcycles, a suite of tools and calculators for vehicle-related expenses, and a great deal more. For those who love all things related to cars, it’s enticing. And it works.

The Motor Culture Australia membership base is growing on a daily basis, with an additionally huge following on social media. Not surprisingly, the company has a host of plans for expansion, not only to attract even more members in Australia, but also abroad.

No matter how big the company becomes, however, McPherson is determined to remain true to his original dream:

“We’re on a mission to give back, not only to our members, but also to the community at large. We invite you to become a part of our family and not only reap the benefits that a membership can offer you, but also to help us in our endeavors to make the world a better place.”

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