Greg Gutfeld: ‘We Need To Abandon The Idea That These People In Power Actually Give A Damn About Us’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that it was time to “abandon the idea” that people with political power “give a damn” about everyday Americans.

Gutfeld said on “The Five” that the political elites often exempt themselves from the policies and regulations they implement for everyone else, adding that the only way to make them care was to scare them into action. (RELATED: ‘At Least She Didn’t Sniff The Kids’ Hair’: Fox Panel Mocks Kamala Harris Space Video)


Co-host Dana Perino referenced supply chain issues and how deep the impact could be going into the coming holiday season – and asked why President Joe Biden’s administration was not moving with more urgency to get things back on track. “Is there like no urgency for anything?” she asked.

“I gotta point out, the best part about this story is that there is a backlog of toilet paper. The worst thing to have when there’s no TP is a backlog,” Gutfeld joked, prompting laughs from the others at the table.

“We are combining inflation with scarcity. This is a new thing,” Gutfeld continued. “We are finally getting the dystopia that the media said Trump was going to bring in, except it’s old Joe who’s bringing us soylent green, bringing us to the thunderdome that Trump didn’t.”

Gutfeld went on to say that the lack of urgency from political leaders was largely a function of the fact that many of the policies they forced on the people did not have the same kind of impact on them.

“The fact you have less money in the bank means you have to rely on them, so it becomes more of a government state. So there is no urgency. Their kids are going to get the gifts that your kids aren’t going to get, because that’s why they are in politics, to be exempt from the scarcity we have to deal with. Remember, the politicians in power did nothing about crime, because it didn’t affect them. They still haven’t. They preached total lockdowns because they were exempt from the total lockdowns,” Gutfeld concluded. “We need to abandon the idea that these people in power actually give a damn about us. The only way you will get urgency is if they get scared.”