Watch As ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Chant Takes Over America


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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In my latest rant video, I tackle the latest viral “lets go Brandon” chant echoing out across American sporting events and more.


The origins of this masterful troll of President Joe Biden stem from a cringe-worthy interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. As he gave his comments, interviewer Kelli Stavast either misheard or misinterpreted the crowd chanting “F*CK JOE BIDEN!”

It’s unclear whether Stavast was trying to cover the chant or if she actually misheard the crowd. Neither she nor Brown have commented on the viral clip that has the entire country laughing hysterically.

The chant is being used at Christian colleges as an alternative to “F**K JOE BIDEN.” It’s also making its way into pop culture, social commentary and has even been spotted in aerial advertising.

I’m sure it’s not quite the kind of unity that President Biden had in mind while running his campaign, but the country is certainly coming together to cheer on Brandon.

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