Head Of Nobel Prize Committee Announces There Will Be No Gender Or Ethnicity Quotas

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Laurel Duggan Social Issues and Culture Reporter
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The head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awards Nobel Prizes in science, announced the prize will not introduce gender quotas in a Monday BBC interview.

The academy wants there to be no doubt that women who win the Nobel prize did so “because they made the most important discovery,” according to Goran Hansson, head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, BBC reported. (RELATED: Washington Post Tells Employees To Say ‘Pregnant Individuals’ To Be ‘More Inclusive’)

The Academy will ensure there are women on its committees, however Hansson says society at large – not the Nobel Prize – needs to change its attitude and provide fair opportunities to women in scientific fields.

“Keep in mind that only about 10% of the professors in natural sciences in western Europe or North America are women, and even lower if you go to East Asia,” Hansson said. (RELATED: ACLU Edits The Word ‘Woman’ Out Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote)

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in 1903, and in 1911 became the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.

Of the 975 Nobel Prizes awarded since 1901, 59 have gone to women. Women earn a majority of biology, math, and physical science degrees in the U.S.