Stranger Attempts To Kidnap Toddler, Stopped By Good Samaritans

Screenshot/Surveillance Footage/New York Post

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A man was seen Monday attempting to kidnap a toddler moments before he was stopped by good Samaritans, according to the New York Post.

The 3-year-old girl was reportedly walking with her 65-year-old grandmother in the Bronx and was suddenly grabbed by a man. The grandmother screamed for help alerting people to try to stop the man, the New York Post reported. (RELATED: Police Arrest Woman Trying To Kidnap 6-Year-Old Boy With Machete, Axe)

Surveillance footage showed that the grandmother was walking with her granddaughter and her two grandsons near the intersection of East Tremont and Baisley around 1:15 p.m., when the man attempted to kidnap the little girl, WLNY-TV reported.

The suspect who was identified as 27-year-old Santiago Salcedo, allegedly wrapped the girl in a blanket, picked her up and ran off with her, according to the New York Post.

One of the people who stopped Salcedo worked at a nearby gas station and was sweeping the sidewalk when the kidnapping occurred, according to WLNY-TV.

“A couple people went after him and he let the girl go,” Fermin Bracero said, WLNY-TV reported. “If it weren’t for us maybe who know what happen. It’s crazy. He just came out of nowhere. Not too sure what he was planning to do, but carrying a blanket, either he’s homeless or looking for a kid. That’s what I saw. That’s what my thinking is.”

When the good Samaritans stopped Salcedo, he reportedly let go of the girl and took off on scooter.

Salcedo was eventually caught later Monday and was charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment.