Equity Leader’s ‘Whiteness’ Tirade On TikTok Results In Resignation

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Laurel Duggan Social Issues and Culture Reporter
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An Equity Committee volunteer for the Tahoma School District in Maple Valley, Washington, resigned Friday after the school district discovered her personal TikTok account, which included numerous videos of Busch making vulgar comments about “whiteness” and “people of whiteness.”

Alicia Busch’s approach in the videos “does not align with Tahoma’s equity goals or with the sense of belonging that we’re striving to create for each student, staff member and family in our community,” a Tahoma School District spokesperson told the Daily Caller.

“We are actively working to improve our school climate so that all students feel a sense of belonging. We are not teaching our students that any racial group is inferior … The volunteer’s videos were contradictory to those efforts,” he said.

The district and Busch agreed that it was in the district’s best interest for her to step down from her role, the spokesperson said. Busch had served in her role as a volunteer for about one year. (RELATED; Could The Courts Really Put A Stop To Biden’s Race-Based Equity Programs?)

The Tahoma School District’s website stated, “A diverse group of parents and community partners meets on a regular basis for the purpose of increasing family participation and communication across our school system so that we can strengthen our support for student success. The group is led by three Tahoma parents, Alicia Busch, Laura Meyers and Joe Brazier.”

Busch’s name has since been removed from the website.

Busch called the American Dream “white supremacy,” and said “there is no safe place for BIPOC to exist when whiteness is present” in her TikTok videos.

“If you are a ‘person of whiteness,’ I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck about your comfort. I don’t give a fuck about your feelings,” she said. She also mocked the idea of colorblindness in regard to race, calling the idea “adorable.”

Busch discussed not knowing what drinks to buy for the white women attending her daughter’s birthday party, and wondered aloud whether mango White Claw would be “too spicy” or “too exotic.”

In another video, Busch blamed the delay of her grandmother’s funeral on those who refused to get vaccinated or wear masks, calling them “motherfucking colonizers” and “destructive, amoral colonizers,” and warned this group that the “persecution” they are currently feeling is “not going to stop.” (RELATED: Mother Sues School District After Son Contracts COVID-19 Following Removal Of Mitigation Measures)

Busch is the campaign manager for Haley Pendergraft, a Tahoma School Board candidate. Pendergraft defended Busch in a Facebook video Thursday, the day before Busch resigned from the Equity role.

“This campaign is about me…I thought long and hard about the people I wanted to work with in this campaign, and, for me, Alicia represents a person who has different lived experiences than I do. I think there’s great value in that,” Pendergraft said.

Busch and Pendergraft did not respond to the Daily Caller’s requests for comment.