‘There’s Real Evil In This World’: Dean Cain Says Bisexual Superman Hardly Qualifies As ‘Bold Or Brave’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Lois & Clark” actor Dean Cain said Tuesday that he didn’t believe it was particularly “bold or brave” for DC Comics to announce that the new Superman was bisexual.

Cain made an appearance on “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the move, and he argued that a comic book character embracing different sexuality was fairly common and the truly bold thing to do would be to address real issues and the real evil in the world. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Reserve Officer Dean Cain Weighs In On Defunding Police And Cities Under Siege)


“It’s hard for me to keep track of the different Supermen and the different worlds and the adventures that he has in the comics, but from what I can gather it is Lois and Clark’s son, John, and I don’t think it’s – they said it’s bold, it’s a bold new direction. I say it’s bandwagoning. Robin, of Batman and Robin as you mentioned, came out as bi or gay recently. Honestly, who was really shocked about that one? I had some thoughts about that a long time ago, the new Captain America is gay, my daughter and ‘Supergirl’ where I played the father she was gay. I don’t think it is bold or brave or crazy new direction,” Cain replied.

Cain went on to say that if Superman had come out 20 years earlier it might have been a bolder move, but that there were other things he could do that would be bolder in the current climate.

“Brave would be having him fighting for the rights of gay people in Iran where they’ll throw you off a building for the offense of being gay. They’re talking about him fighting, you know, real-world problems like climate change or deportation of refugees, he’ll be dating a hacktivist, whatever a hacktivist is, I don’t know,” Cain continued. “Why not have him fight the injustices the created the refugees whose deportation his protesting, that would be brave. I’d read that. Or fighting the rights of women to attend school and have the ability to work and live and boys not to be raped by men under the new and fuzzy Taliban, that would be brave.”

“There’s real evil in this world today, real corruption and government overreach, plenty of things to fight against, human trafficking, real actual slavery going on, it would be brave to tackle those issues, to shine a light on those issues which I would like to see the character doing that,” Cain concluded. “I would read that comic. This one I don’t think I will be reading. I can watch CNN or MSNBC to get this.”