‘Journalistic Malpractice’: Gupta’s Post-Rogan CNN Appearances Called Out For Sleight Of Hand

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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After appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast Wednesday, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed the COVID-19 vaccine on CNN. One commentator, however, accused the medical correspondent of “journalistic malpractice.”

“Before primetime @DrSanjayGupta had a long interview with @ErinBurnett, where he trashed @JoeRogan by saying ‘when you’re convincing yourself of a particular narrative, in this case no vaccine, you find whatever sort of argument you can to support that,'” the Executive Producer of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Steve Krakauer tweeted Thursday.

“How ironic,” Krakauer added, before tweeting about how the graphic used in the CNN piece was “the most egregious case of Gupta lying about the @JoeRogan interview.” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Leaves Sanjay Gupta Almost Speechless As He Confronts Him About CNN’s Lies, Parents Not Wanting To Vaccinate Kids)


“Rogan pointed to a study that showed boys 12-15 had higher rate of myocarditis after vaccine than hospitalization with COVID,” Krakauer continued. “Gupta pointed to myocarditis risk for EVERYONE (not young boys).”

Krakauer then pointed to an article in The New York Times that Gupta referenced under the sub-hed that read, “The research did not assess the risks specifically for young males, who are the most likely to develop the rare side effect.”

Krakauer noted how Rogan made it clear numerous times during Gupta’s appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast he wasn’t talking about people of all ages, and was focused on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine specifically on young males, who he argued will not have a problem given their youth with fighting the virus. (RELATED: Joe Rogan Will Refund Tickets For Fans Who Can’t Attend His Shows Because Of Vaccine Mandates)

“Rogan’s point was that young males are at MORE risk for myocarditis after the vaccine than hospitalization for ANYTHING after COVID,” Krakuaer wrote. “@DrSanjayGupta couldn’t dispute that, so instead he went on CNN yesterday and lied about the conversation. Just journalistic malpractice.”

During Rogan’s show, the two discussed a study the podcaster found claiming that “young boys face a higher risk of myocarditis from the vaccine than they do from getting COVID.”

Gupta said that “myocarditis was the big one,” and that it came up at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) meeting. However, he noted that the risk of getting myocarditis was higher with COVID-19 than it was with the vaccine.

Rogan asked if medical experts know what the “long term” effects of myocarditis are. He called it “terrifying” for parents who are faced with the decision of whether to have their kid take the vaccine or not.

Gupta responded by asking if the host was suggesting he get “boosted.” Rogan said that he was pointing out how his attitude about feeling safe from the virus is “the exact same attitude that a lot of young people have when they don’t want to get a shot because they’re worried about the consequences even though they’re incredibly small,” noting the VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] report “does have deaths.”