REPORT: Former Child Star Commits Suicide After Ordering Toxic Chemicals Online

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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Matthew Mindler, a former child star, reportedly committed suicide in August after consuming toxic substances that he purchased online.

Mindler, best known for his role in “Our Idiot Brother” alongside Paul Rudd, committed suicide by consuming sodium nitrate, the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Medical Examiner’s Office told TMZ. The former actor purchased the sodium nitrate on Amazon for $15, and it was enough to kill four people, TMZ noted. (RELATED: Former MLB Player Completes Incredible Comeback Journey After Shooting Himself In The Head)

When Mindler failed to return to his college dorm on a Tuesday night in August, he was reported missing – until his body was found in Manor Township, Pennsylvania, days later, according to TMZ.

Related deaths are typically accidental, but Mindler’s mother, Monica, had claimed at the time that her son deliberately ingested the chemicals, according to TMZ. Monica reportedly looked through her son’s browser history, finding searches for information on the compound, where is it accessible, and how much to consume for a painless death.

Mindler’s mother still had no idea that he was contemplating suicide, and she hopes her son’s tragic death reminds others to remain aware of suicidal intentions, TMZ reported.

In July, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping off the Vessel, a spiral staircase attraction in New York City. The boy’s death, and two other suicides at the site in May, prompted calls for the structure’s developers to install barriers on the walkways in order to prevent people from leaping to their deaths.