Meteorite Crashes Through Roof, Lands On Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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A 2.8-pound meteorite crashed through a woman’s roof in British Columbia and landed on her bed while she was asleep on Oct. 3, the New York Times (NYT) reported.

Ruth Hamilton, 66, woke up to her dog barking and a sound resembling “an explosion”. She turned on the light and found a hole in her ceiling, the NYT reported.

While Hamilton was dialing 911, she noticed a large gray object between her pillows, the NYT reported. “Oh, my gosh,” she said to the operator, “there’s a rock in my bed.” (RELATED: Hundreds Of Americans Witnessed Large Meteor Blast Through The Sky, Speed Likely Hit 47,000 MPH)

The rock barely missed Hamilton’s head and left drywall debris all over her face, according to the NYT.

An officer, sent to her house to investigate, initially thought the rock came from a nearby construction site. “He called up there and they said they had not done any blasting that night. But the workers had seen a meteorite, or a falling star, explode and there was a couple of booms … Then we knew that it was a meteorite that had crashed through my roof,” Hamilton said, according to CBC.

Hamilton reported the incident to experts at Western University in Ontario who confirmed that the object was a meteorite, CBC reported.

“It just seems surreal,” Hamilton said in an interview Wednesday, according to the NYT. “Then I’ll go in and look in the room and, yep, there’s still a hole in my ceiling. Yep, that happened.”

The odds of this event occurring are one in one hundred billion, according to Today.