Woke Superman Now? Really?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Woke Superman is not what you think. Superman is not queer or gay or bisexual.

Watch my latest rant to find out more.

The latest Superman is not the original. The comic’s protagonist is now Jonathan Kent, the child of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, the original superman most of us grew up with. The Superman franchise has suffered immensely over the last decade and though the superhero genre exploded in the mid 2010s, Superman movies have gone mostly unwatched.

While many fans of the comic might be thrilled with the multicolored-hair, climate change-fighting hero tackling topical issues like police violence and more, almost everyone over the age of 12 had essentially forgotten that Superman was even still a thing.

Making Superman woke is a bleak attempt at making the fictional character relevant again. It might be time for someone to tell Hollywood that “We The People” watch their creations for escapism, not to be told how to think and feel.

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