Former Raiders CEO Claims She Heard Bruce Allen Make Inappropriate Comments, Says She Never Heard Jon Gruden Do The Same

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Raiders executive Amy Trask has alleged that Bruce Allen made inappropriate comments while in the NFL.

Bruce Allen has been caught up in the scandal surrounding Jon Gruden’s emails containing offensive language because the NFL reportedly found the messages because they were sent to the former Redskins front office leader. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Now, Trask has revealed that during her time as the CEO of the Raiders, she complained about comments Allen had made while he was with the team. Allen later became the president of the Redskins.

“I did hear comments of that nature from the individual [Bruce Allen] to whom Jon sent those emails, and I did speak up … I talked to the owner about it because to be silent would have been to be complicit,” Trask said in a video tweeted Sunday by @CBSSportsNet. She also made it clear she didn’t have much interaction with Gruden and didn’t hear him make comments.

You can listen to her full comments below.

Look, I have no reason to doubt Trask. I’m just not sure why we’re continuing down this rabbit hole without concrete proof.

Bruce Allen’s emails haven’t been released, and nobody else other than Gruden was torched, but the wheels keep spinning.


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At this point, we need all the emails released and we need all the evidence that can be found. If Trask complained to ownership, then there must be other witnesses and possibly some records.

Let’s not stop until everything is in the open because as of right now, this situation seems like little more than a coordinated hit on Gruden’s career.

Anyone who has information should step forward and put it on the table. We shouldn’t be debating this issue through strategic leaks. Make everything public and let’s go from there!