Trump Vs. Biden: Find Out Who Wins This Fight


Kay Smythe Contributor
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Violence is almost never the answer to anything. That hasn’t stopped former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden from threatening fist-fights. In this latest rant video, I cover how each would fare in a real-world punching match.

Trump is a long-term supporter of UFC and other major fighting championships. He is a man who adores sport and approaches everything he does in a sportsmanlike fashion.

His recent commentary of the Vitor Belfort vs. Evander Holyfield boxing match was destroyed by the corporate media, while fans loved his presence. The former president maintained an almost-exclusive conversation to the sport, leaving out all political bias.

The new national anthem of “F*** Joe Biden,” echoed through the crowd, preceded by “We Want Trump.”

Even if he decides to not run for leader of the free world, Trump could easily perpetuate his career in sports and commentary.

As for Biden? Well, you saw the video. That says everything you need to hear.

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Trump VS. Biden: Find Out Who Wins This Fight

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