Tucker Carlson Says Illegal Immigrants Share More Of His Values Than Kamala Harris

[Daily Caller]

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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said that while illegal immigrants probably share more of his own values than those of Vice President Kamala Harris, he still doesn’t support mass illegal immigration during an episode of “Vince and Jason Save The Nation” that premiered Monday.

Carlson said he is personally against illegal immigration for three reasons. He claimed that it dilutes the labor market and lowers wages due to an increase in worker supply. He also said that mass immigration is an “attack on democracy.”

“You can’t pack the electorate just because you don’t like an election outcome. The rule is for all Americans … one man, one vote … but the second you decide ‘well I don’t really like how you voted I’m going to bring in new people,’ you devalue my vote.”

“You basically water down the political power of American citizens,” he said.

Carlson said his final reason for being anti-illegal immigration is that there’s no sense of unity in the U.S. and adding more people who don’t speak the language nor share similar cultural values won’t help solve the issue. (RELATED: WATCH: Armed Human Smuggler Leads Illegal Immigrant Across Southern Border)

“I think a lot of them have views that are much closer to mine than Kamala Harris’ … I don’t feel animus toward them at all,” Carlson said, explaining that allowing thousands of migrants to flood the border makes it difficult to maintain a unifying belief and culture.